Don't Push My Buttons is the first ever episode of The Adventures of Amanda Killman. It first premiered on April 3, 2017.

Plot Edit

Amanda accidentally pushed a button inside Bunsen's body which made him rude, so she has to do something before Bunsen is meaner than her.


When Amanda is creating a plan to defeat Bunsen, she spots a button in Bunsen's blackboard. So she sneaks into Bunsen's house when he is asleep. She says to press the button, she has to go through the mouth. She goes through the the mouth and goes up, than she presses the button, making him wake up, go to his moms bedroom and punches her. While Amanda is out of the body, she sees Bunsen's mom injiured, when she thinks that Bunsen punches his mom, he says he will do another bad thing tomorrow, so he goes back to sleep. Then Amanda notices there's a button behind the brain, which gets him to be nice again. So Amanda goes in the mouth and goes up. And then she pressed the button, and she sighs in relief, which ends the episode.

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