Mean Moderator is the fourth episode in The Adventures of Amanda Killman. It first premiered on April 10, 2017.

Plot Edit

Bunsen and Mikey lose their jobs as hall moderators, so Amanda take their place and rules the school.

Sypnosis Edit

It all starts at the hall, where Mikey and Bunsen are wearing badges, telling the school they are the hall moderators, til the principal thinks they are taking it a little too far, so Principal fires them. Then he gets posters up in the hall, telling the school they need a new hall moderator. Then Amanda is the first one to come up. Prinicpal says shes the perfect one for the job, so the principal gives Amanda a hall moderator badge, then she sets off, when Amanda goes into the annoucements in the office. Then she says that people can do what they want. Mikey and Bunsen are shocked by this. So they ask principal by going to the office, but they notice that he has been knocked out, until they say they have to handle this themselves. So they set off and they go into the announcements, saying that Amanda got this a trick, til Beverly shoots Bunsen, then Mikey gets shocked. So he goes into the announcements, and sucessfully says that this trick, so the kids clean up and do what they need to do, when the Principal rehires then, and they Mikey and Bunsen say 'Yay!', which ends the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode that has violence.
    • Although it has violence, Bunsen revives after he is shot by Beverly.
  • This takes place after the Bunsen Is a Beast episode "Hall of Justice".

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